The Filter Tab

The Filter Tab

You can use the FILTER tab to reveal how specific groups of participants ranked each response.

The Filter tab reveals how specific groups of participants ranked each response during the binary voting process. These filters allow for understanding key priorities for each target demographic and create actionable insights based on how different filters affect response priorities.

Filter any combination of participants by clicking on their segmentation survey responses on the left side. These drop-down menus include each Demographic Filter and Poll question that the participants answered throughout the conversation.

In the center column, new rankings based on recomputed popularity and consensus scores are shown for the filtered group. If you only want to see the responses from the filtered participants, check the box labeled "only show responses submitted by filtered group" in the upper left.

On the right, new charts for each of the segmentation survey questions are shown for the filtered group.

Click here for a video on analyzing the Remesh data dashboards, and check out this video for an overview of the CSV exports!

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