What can I do as a moderator?

What you can do as as a moderator

As a moderator you can:

  • Send the group text messages
  • Send the group poll questions
  • Send the group open-ended questions
  • Send the group images
  • Send the group videos

How to moderate

1. Login to your Remesh account and click on the conversation that you will be moderating

2. In the basic information tab you will find your 3 access links. Open the Moderator link to join the conversation as a moderator

3. Scroll down and you will see you black moderator toolbox:

Use the Queue button to access your pre-programmed discussion guide and use the header Speak, Ask, Poll, and Media buttons to add new content on the fly.

Moderating is a manual process so you will be able to control time and flow of the conversation. Though, please note that you will note be able to send anything until the timer is up on open-end Asks and Poll questions.

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