Using audio alongside a Remesh conversation

If you're interested in using audio or a conference bridge in tandem with the Remesh conversation, that is definitely possible and has been done successfully. Remember that Remesh "conversations" are text-only and there is no audio component! Because of this, some moderators are interested in setting up a conference bridge for participants to dial into.

Below are a few suggestions and best practices if you'd like to use audio or a conference bridge alongside your Remesh conversation. Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss in more detail!

  • Set expectations with the participants about how the Remesh conversation will be run. Let participants know that, while they may be listening to the conference bridge for additional context, they'll be typing and submitting their answers on the Remesh platform.
  • Control the audio dialogue so that you can mute all participants and only have one or two people with the ability to speak on the conference bridge. If participants are able to speak on the bridge, things can get side-tracked quickly.
  • Make sure what is said on the conference bridge is consistent with what is said/asked on Remesh. Try to replicate, as best you can, what you say verbally with "Speaks" on the Remesh platform. You want to make sure the content is as consistent as possible in case there are any participants on the Remesh conversation but not on the conference bridge.

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