Personalizing Your Remesh Conversation

How to Personalize a Remesh Conversation

Have you ever wanted to add a little customization and creativity to your Remesh Conversation? You can do just that on the Personalize tab! Include additional text and images to set the scene for your Conversation and make your Remesh unique. All of this is optional but recommended, so feel free to explore the following on the Personalize screen:

  • Introduction - add text to give some background info on the topic or to set expectations for participants. Keep it general and get into the details during the actual Remesh Conversation
  • Cover Photo - add a picture (.jpeg, .gif., or .png) to the background banner of your Remesh! Make it interesting and relevant to the topic, or feel free to use the default sky image
  • Moderator Photo & Bio - we recommend adding a picture and brief bio about the Moderator! Even if it's just a stock photo, it's great for participants to put a face to the name when they engage with the Moderator
  • Participant Photo & Bio - feel free to include a photo or some text that might represent the group of participants, but don't feel pressure to include something here if there isn't a natural fit



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