How can I add collaborators to my conversation?

After you create a conversation, you can click into "Collaborators" on the left panel. You can then enter an email of either a colleague, end client, etc. to add them as a collaborator. Collaborators are other users that have access to your conversations. There are several roles, each with a different set of permissions.

  • Analyzer: Read-only access to live conversation, but read/write access to post-session analysis.
  • Moderator: Read/write access to everything except the conversation setup.
  • Editor: Full admin access to the conversation.

Once you invite someone to be a collaborator, they will receive an email with instructions to create their own Remesh account. They will be listed as "inactive" until they create an account and log onto Remesh for the first time, at which point their account will be shown as "active."

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