Tracing Answers Based on Demographic Filters

Q: If one person is participating from a specific demographic can their responses be identified to the observers by slicing the data based on demos? For example only one person is joining from HR and one of the demo questions is what is your department, so if the observer cut the data can they see the person from HR says XYZ?

A: That is a great question. There is a delicate balance between getting the data you are looking for and making sure participants feel confident in the anonymity of the platform. If you are only inviting one person from a specific department and the Demo Filters reflect that, then you in theory would be able to tie back the responses to that department (which in this case is one individual). You can try to make the Demo Filters broader and group certain items together to avoid this issue, but ultimately you will have to make the call as to how you frame these questions to get the data you need, but also to make sure that participants feel like they can be honest throughout the conversation.

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