Observer Guide

Observer Guide

Share this guide with colleagues, clients, or anyone who plans to observe your Remesh conversation.

Participant Perspective:

The moderator  will be engaging the participants with the open-ended and poll questions that were developed for the discussion guide.

Observer Perspective:

  • As an observer, you will be able to see the moderator questions and the top participant responses
  • You can click on the “View Data” link for a deeper look at the responses

  • Clicking on the Rank tab along the left side will provide a summary of the top participant responses.

  • When you are on the Rank page, you can click on each Response Area to see its popularity and consensus performance on the rating grid.  It will be the darkest circle on the grid.
  • We want to see responses plotted in the green section of the rating grid.  This indicates a high popularity rating (i.e. average respondent rating for this response was high during the voting process)

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