Moderation Best Practices

Moderation Best Practices

Q: How long should a Remesh conversation be?

A: You can run a Remesh conversation for any duration you'd like, but we recommend limiting conversations to a maximum of 90 minutes (unless it is being held during an entertainment/sports event).

Q: How many questions can I ask during a Remesh conversation?

A: We recommend ~30 seconds for poll questions, and ~2 minutes for open-ended questions. You can expect to ask 20-25 open-ended questions in a 60 minute conversation.

Q: How can I communicate with and engage conversation participants side from asking poll and open-ended questions?

A: The "Speak" moderator capability can be used to set expectations, encourage participants to write detailed responses, and connect with the participants on a more personal level.

Q: Is there a limit to how many demographic filter questions can be asked?

A: You can ask as many as you need, but we recommend keeping them to 10 max, just to help promote a seamless participant experience.

Q: How can my team help me when I am moderating?

A: As a best practice, have one person focused on moderating the conversation and have multiple people using the observer link to look at the data.  I would also recommend opening up some communication channel (e.g., dial-in, being in the same physical space, etc.) so the observers can feed question to the moderator as needed.

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