Session Runs Over

Q: My conversation is scheduled for 45 minutes, but what happens if I run over? Will the session "turn off" if we go over time?

A: No, your conversation will not automatically turn off!  The session will stay open as long as you need it to.  The Moderator will have to click the "End Conversation" button in the bottom left (and then confirm that you want to end the conversation) in order for the session to end.  Our only piece of advice would be to let participants know if you are going to run over by sending a Speak towards the end of the conversation (e.g., "Thanks for all of your great responses so far!  We have a few more questions and might run a minute or two over, so hang in there with me!").  Remember that when you set the duration of your conversation you are not bound to the exact length of time you selected, but you should try to set realistic time expectations for those participating whenever possible.

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