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Sourcing Sample & Recruiting Best Practices

If you're interested in running a Remesh Conversation but want to invite, recruit, and compensate (as applicable) your own participants, we have some tips and tricks to assist you! Don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions, but the following guidelines should help you get started:

General Recruitment Best Practices

If you are recruiting your own participants, here are some best practices and general guidelines you can follow to get you headed in the right direction:

  • Be clear and direct in any communications to participants, and communicate to them early and often!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete the recruiting process. We typically suggest 5 business days to fully recruit participants for a Remesh Conversation.
  • Provide some initial instructions to the participants so they can familiarize themselves with the platform. Also, be sure to properly set expectations about the Remesh Conversation the group will be participating in.
  • Use a screener (or another recruiting survey) to recruit participants to the session. If they qualify for the Remesh Conversation, be sure to explicitly ask them if they are willing to join and participate at the exact date and time required.
  • We recommend having a minimum of 30 participants in each Remesh Conversation to ensure the algorithms are fully optimized

Recruitment Ratios

In general, it is best to over-recruit to ensure you have the best possible show rate for your Remesh Conversation.  We recommend recruiting at a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio for more traditional types of Market Research.  So, if you want to have 100 participants in a conversation, you should aim to have 300-400 people actually commit to show up and participate.  

For Employee Engagement, similar ratios (3:1 - 4:1) can be used.  It's also a good idea to set the proper context to let employees know who they are going to be interacting with, how their data may be leveraged, etc.  When folks know how and why you are asking for their time, they're more likely to participate.

Using a generic customer list usually requires a larger ratio, up to 10:1.  In general, we recommend erring on the side of caution and over-recruiting to ensure you get as close to your sample size as possible.

Unique Participant Links

To identify which participant is which, you need to append the participant link with a unique ID for each person. Here is how the formatting needs to be done:


As an example, if the participant link was "" and the unique ID that you assigned to me was 827LYNE65, then the link would need to look like this (note that the entire link is case-sensitive, including the "?uid", so you need to make the "?uid" portion all lower-case):

When a participant clicks that link, it will pass through a Sample Provider ID of 827LYNE65. When the session is over, the Participant Profile CSV file will show a list of who participated, their corresponding Sample ID, and the percentage of questions that they answered. You will need to cross-reference this with the list of unique IDs (all alphanumeric) that you assigned to each participant. We do not collect personal information like name or email address, so the Participant Profile file on its own will not reveal the identities of participants.

Unique participant links can be sent to a large number of participants through your email program's mail merge system. We can also monitor what IDs are being passed to the platform for that specific participant link, so let your Customer Success Manager know if you would like to test out your unique links before they are sent to the participants.

Invite & Reminder Templates

The following templates can be leveraged to invite people to a Remesh Conversation as well as remind them that they have a Conversation coming up in the near future. Remember, it's always best to over-communicate with participants to ensure the best possible show rate!

01 - Generic Remesh Email Invite Template.docx

01 - Generic Remesh Email Invite Template - Appendix PDF.docx

Remesh Conversation Reminder Examples.docx

Participant Reminder Cadence

Once you've invited participants to your Remesh Conversation, you should remind them frequently of the day and time to make sure it's fresh in their mind! We recommend reaching out to participants using the following cadence, but feel free to customize this to suit your company's needs and capabilities:

  • Reminder 24 hours before
  • Reminder the morning of the conversation
  • Reminder 2 hours before going live. We recommend providing the unique participant links in this outreach, just to make sure the link is at the top of each participants' inbox
  • Reminder 30 minutes before the Remesh is live


While this might not be applicable in all circumstances (for example, you probably don't need to compensate participants for internal employee engagement sessions), if you need to pay your participants for their time, our clients have had success with using Tango gift cards. You will be able to review the Participant Profile CSV export after your Remesh Conversation is over to determine how many questions each participant answered. As long as you properly assigned a unique ID to each participant, you will be able to determine which participants have earned their incentive. Regardless of how you choose to pay your participants, be sure to communicate with them frequently and promptly regarding the payment they have earned. There is nothing like an unhappy participant who wants to get paid for participating in a Conversation!

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