How many times was an answer voted on?

Q:  If I want to see how many times a response has been voted on, what should I be looking at? Popularity or consensus?

A: The voting behavior of the participants is used to calculate both the popularity and consensus scores, and while neither of the values will give you a direct correlation to how many times an answer was voted on, popularity will give you the closest approximation.  The popularity score represents the probability that a given thought will be chosen over a random, competing thought in the binary voting exercise.  For example, an answer with a popularity score of 90 means that there is a 90% chance that that particular answer will be chosen over any other answer during the voting exercise.

It's best to frame the answers/data a little more generally in terms of what was more representative of the group as opposed to saying that a certain answer was voted on x% of the time.  And remember that you can always increase the similarity reduction on a particular question to try and combine thoughts that are similar to get a more high-level view of the thoughts from the group.

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