The Segment Tab

The Segment Tab

You can use the SEGMENT tab on 'Asks' to automatically cluster participants into demographic or attitudinal segments.

How the segment/cluster tab works...

First, we compute the similarity between every pair of participants based on how they voted. From that data, we use a clustering algorithm to identify clusters of participants which all voted similarly to each other. Once we have the clusters (each cluster being a unique group of participants), we then compute the following for the group:

  1. We recompute popularity & consensus for each response based only on the votes from the people in that segment/group - the response with the highest popularity is what is shown for that group.
  2. We recompute the demographic filters & poll results specifically for that group. Segments of participants are automatically generated based on how similar each person responded and voted in the question asked.

The dots each represent a person. How close they are to each other represents how closely they have thought based on their voting behavior.

Click here for a video on analyzing the Remesh data dashboards, and check out this video for an overview of the CSV exports!

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