How to Add Images and Videos

Adding images and videos to your Remesh Conversation

In the Discussion Guide builder:

  • To add an image, select the 'IMAGE' option in the Discussion Guide builder. Using the 'SELECT' button, select and upload the image file (all normal picture formats are accepted). Note, there is a 5MB limit per image upload. Click "ADD TO THE DISCUSSION GUIDE" to save it.

  • To add a video, please select 'VIDEO' option in the Discussion Guide. All that is needed is a YouTube or Vimeo URL to show a video in a Remesh conversation. If you have trouble uploading a video to either site, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they can assist in uploading the video to Remesh's private video account. Click "ADD TO THE DISCUSSION GUIDE" to save it.

In real-time as your moderate:

You can upload an image or paste the video URL in the 'Media' tab of the Moderator Tool box.

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