How should I invite participants to my Remesh conversation?

Inviting participants to your Remesh conversation

  • Participants access and join a Remesh conversation through a participant link that is unique to that conversation.
  • There is no log in required, and Remesh can be accessed on any internet-connected device.
  • You can send or share the participant link via email, social media, text, calendar invite, or any way you wish!

Example invitation:

Hi [Name],


You are invited you to participate in a virtual group chat about [Topic]

  • The session will take place on [Date/Time] and will last for [Length of time]
  • Click on this link: [Participant link] to join the session at [Date/Time]. I recommend that you to join 5-10 minutes before the session begins to get familiar with the platform.

How does it work?

During the session, you will be asked two types of questions:

1. Polls: Choose your preferred answer from the options shown.

2. Open-ended questions: Type out your response to the question and click submit.

 Then comes the fun part! 

After you submit your answer you will get to vote on others participant’s answers and then see a ranking of everyone’s answers.

 Please register to join this chat at [Date/Time] below:


Registration link


Hope to see you there!


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